What is NeuroFeedback?

NeuroFeedback is designed to correct irregular brainwaves simply by having the patient watch a movie or listen to music. The system trains your brain to operate in a more effective and appropriate way through real-time changes in both picture and sound quality of the movie you watch or the music you listen to. The best part is once the brain has been retrained, the changes made by this therapy are permanent, setting this therapy system apart from prescription drugs, which only mask the symptoms of neurological dysfunction.

Why does this work?

The answer is simple; the brain is an ever-evolving learning machine. It was thought not that long ago that after our brains developed at about 25, our brains lose their plasticity. Plasticity is the ability of the brain to change, adapt, and form new connections within itself.

Current research, however, has shown that this is not the case. Through the use of targeted light therapy, called photic neural stimulation, we can elicit changes in the structure of the brain. This leads to permanent changes in the function and brainwaves generated by the brain, which leads to lasting and beneficial improvements for the patient.